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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The Importance of Email Marketing and the Benefits of Online Newsletters For Businesses

This is the age of electronics and technology, and people use that technology as part of their daily lives. Almost every household in the world now has Internet access from some device whether is a personal computer, a smart phone, or a tablet, and people use it to do everything from going shopping to getting an education. While on the Internet, people are also going to do things like play with social media, and check their email, which is where email marketing can be a benefit to many businesses. Also, businesses can benefit greatly from online newsletter to help get their business more customers and make more money.

Everyone Has Favorite Websites They Frequent

Email marketing is an effective way for businesses to make money. Studies have shown that over 66 percent of merchandise bought has been through an email that was sent from a website that customers like to go visit often. Also, with an online newsletter, people can read over the newsletter and see if there is a special deal they can be offered. With both email marketing and online newsletters, businesses can have a good relationship with their customers, and keep it for a long time to come.

An Inexpensive Form of Marketing

Businesses can spend a lot of money on a marketing campaign, but for all the money they put out, there may be little or no money returned. However, with email marketing, it costs actually very little for customers to be sent emails even multiple times a day. Statistics show that for every one dollar spent on email marketing, the return for companies is between $20 and $40 dollars returned to the company as profit.

Email Marketing Earns Customer Trust and Loyalty

Businesses that decide to use email marketing and an online newsletter are earning the trust and loyalty of their customers. The emails and newsletters will show customers that even big companies do care enough to treat their special customers with respect and appreciation. An online newsletter will keep customers up to date as to what is happening within the company, and makes customers feel that the company is being very open and honest, which will increase their trust.

Email marketing and an online newsletter are two inexpensive yet effective ways for business to reach out to their customers and get more money. By sharing information frequently, which will include special offers sent via email, customers will feel important, trust the company, and be more willing to make purchases from them first before anyone else.