Online Marketing Lake Nona and Medical City | 3 Hacks that Help

3 Easy Steps to get found online in Lake Nona, FL

Online marketing Lake Nona deserves. Digital presence and online marketing have become a necessity for today’s business, brand or bio looking to be found on the web. However, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Online Marketing methods utilized these days tend to remain in the gloomy shadows of web development.

Most will tell you that you have to be an expert to make a dent in your online presence and that online marketing remains for those with a background and expertise in the field. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a Lake Nona based online marketing firm, we hope to shed some light onto the field and give you some insight into what you can do today to improve your online visibility in the search engines.

Online Marketing Rules and Tips for Lake Nona and Medical City

We want to lessen the frustration often associated with online business marketing. Just to be clear, what you should be able to come away with after reading this article is a new sense of how online marketing works and you should be relatively clear on your immediate, next-step action that you can take to get noticed online.

Step 1: Choosing a URL | Domain Name for your Lake Nona website

This is one of the most commonly misconstrued and complex issues that business owners ever face. They wonder what site name that they should use. The fancy name for what they call your actual website name is a URL and it looks like this: You can create a URL that reflects what you do or a particular brand name.

Both are right, but we have found that an EMD is the often very effective in getting your site ranked. For instance take a look at our example of the pediatrician in Lake Nona. You can see that someone thought about it and selected an EMD for the search term and already happen to rank high in the rankings.

Now if you have already selected your domain name, no worries, roll with it and get the other things right on your website and you will still have a great chance of getting seen online.

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Lake Nona’s Medical City Online Marketing Hacks

Step 2 in your Online Marketing Plan for Lake Nona

In theory, you will want to make sure this step is completed before you proceed with the map listing. You will obviously need a site to complete the google listing as discussed below, however, this section is a simple discussion on website builders and your need to create a site that is structured in a way that Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing like.

Site Structure to Maximize Your Online Marketing Potential

I suggest that if you are a novice website builder, you should use off-the-shelf site development tools like Wix, Weebly or Square Space.

I don’t recommend the site builder in Godaddy (until they fix their mobile friendliness issue).

I reserve WordPress, Joomla, Drupal for more advanced users with time and some html experience.

Once you have selected your platform, make sure that you select names for your pages that are close to the search terms that you believe your customers will be searching for. For instance, using our pediatrician example: if your site is, you should create a page on your website that has the search term listed in the page title URL (permalink).

The result would be a website page that had a URL as follows: This will give you a higher chance to get found for your main search term.

You should also add a page title and description that has the same information in it.

Many say that you can over-do listing to many of the same keywords in your website pages, and I agree with them, but most people that are new to this aren’t that likely to over do it. So, go with your gut. If it still reads well and you have your main search keyword in your url, on the page as part of the title and page description, you should be golden. This is more than most do.

I hope these 3 steps have prepared your way in the the world of online marketing and I hope it gives you a leg up on your competitors in a complex digital space called the web.

Step 3: Map Pack for Online Marketing Lake Nona, FL

Let’s say you are a new pediatrician wanting to get noticed in our beautiful new community of Medical City, (Lake Nona). The very first step to take is to get your business listed on Google and the other search engines.

You might ask how you go about doing this. Please review the sample below. I show you exactly what we mean when we talk about the Map Pack and where it is located in the Google Search results.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

This is what you should see most of the time when you “Google” a local business in your area. It is also the fastest way to rank page one but it does take a couple of steps to get listed.
Lake Nona Online Marketing Results for a Search Phrase

Map Pack Listing and Registration

Knowledge Base/Difficulty
Time Involved
Level of Ease for Business Owner
online marketing lake nona and medical city

Start your online marketing by registering with Google’s local biz listing

To Register your business online with the Google Map listings, simply go to

Follow the online prompts and complete it by requesting a verification card that will be mailed to your business. The verification card will contain a code that you will enter into Google to get things going. Note: that step is important. Without it, your business will not get listed.


I also recommend that you use an email address that you don’t mind getting hit up on. I find that once the email address is published on your google biz page, you can expect to get some unwanted emails.

I also recommend that you fill out the form builder for the Google Biz page correctly adding the appropriate category and description of your business. Don’t be shy, write enough for people to get a feel for who you are.

For instance if you are a pool service, talk openly and candidly about your desire to support your community’s pool care needs.

Save the overly professional jargon for another day and get straight to the point.

Finally, relevant pictures and be aware that under 250 px is often rejected by Google. If you took the pictures yourself on your smart phone, you will most likely not have to worry about this problem.

In conclusion, I hope you have been able to cut through the chaos of online marketing and have found a solid strategy in getting your URL, structuring your pages and adding your business to Google’s Local Business Platform. Just a note, Bing offers a similar option and should not be overlooked when it comes to search engine marketing.

I wish you all the best in your online marketing endeavors and am here to help if you run into problems you can’t seem to manage on your own.

All the best,