3 Tips for Recording YouTube Videos for Your Business

Tip #1

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Hands-down the most crucial element to consider when recording videos is lighting. Many unwanted shadows render an image sub-par. Because people generally decide whether they like something on a subconscious level, the quality of your video matters. While certainly content is king, you must make sure that your video quality is not distracting to the viewer and that it does not keep them from engaging and consuming the content that you put together. Videos can be a lot of work. Make sure that user engagement remains high for your videos by maintaining adequate lighting.

Tip #2

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There are numerous editing tools on the market. Many can be downloaded from the App Store on your iPhone or you can edit your videos right on your smartphone.

One of the things to avoid is the talking head video. Do you want to make sure that you continue to hold the viewer’s interest? One of the ways that movie production companies do this is by creating footage which consists of other photos and related content. Many times I will split the clip into several places and add transitions so that people get a sense that something is happening.

What do I mean by this? Well, if you ever watch a music video, you’ll notice that there is some type of significant change in the video footage every four seconds. Often it’s nothing more than a flash or another camera angle or some other kind of footage inserted. The reason for that is that it signals to the subconscious mind: “Hey, pay attention!” Every time you see a flash or change in the image, your mind tunes in again.

Although extended informational content can do without some of these four-second transitions, it’s always a good idea to change camera viewpoints or flash a picture on the screen–something that lets the viewer know that this is important and he or she should pay attention.

Tip #3

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I recommend using two cameras. This will allow you to move quickly and easily between two points of view. This is another way to make those four-second changes that will keep your viewer engaged.

Bonus Tip


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I find that viewers are often more gracious than we expect them to be. I would always recommend that you don’t get too bogged down in trying to achieve perfection. My viewers have always been relatively forgiving as long as the content suits their needs and answers their questions. They are happy to tune in.

Also don’t forget there are multiple video platforms. While YouTube is probably the most common, along with Vimeo, there are many other video platforms where you can upload videos. I recommend adding videos to your website as well to increase user engagement, lower the bounce rate and give your site preferential treatment in the search engine results.