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SEO Expert Service in Orlando
Once upon a time, companies solely relied on television advertisements and billboards to actively make sales. Unfortunately, these advertising methods were limited to larger companies that could afford such boisterous advertising. The internet has revolutionized advertising methods, however, and now even the smallest companies can stand a chance of being recognized in a crowd of online jumbles – as long as their SEO Orlando is taken care of!

Orlando, FL, is one of the most frequented cities in the state – even the country. The city is full of various tourist attractions, fast-paced daily life, and an incredibly large number of businesses. Every year, thousands of potential entrepreneurs travel to Orlando in the hopes of starting down a prosperous road for their business dreams.

The internet has created an outlet for an overcrowded marketplace where there are endless options for consumers to sort through. News, releases, and launches are now available instantly to consumers all over the world, and shopping has never been more convenient.

This is where Orlando SEO consultants come in.

SEO Marketing – What is it?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is largely an umbrella term that includes a range of different marketing strategies. The end result of these different encompassed strategies is an increase in the search engine result rankings for a website. However, identifying the proper strategy for your individual business model is crucial.

Why Orlando SEO Specifically?

Because Orlando is such a hotbed for tourism, culture, and education, the melting pot of companies calling the city home can make it difficult to stand out and for the ideal customer base to find your business.

In order to thrive in this area, you need to show these potential customers and investors that you are here and to stand out from the online crowd.

Besides the newly developed businesses that are constantly popping up across the city, you are also competing with the larger companies that have held a presence there for years. Local SEO becomes vital in this aspect.

Consumers in the area are buying, reviewing, and researching products online all the time. Having a solid local SEO ranking means that your product has successfully made it to the front line and is being viewed and not just hidden amongst the rest.

Our Local SEO Orlando Solutions

• Web Design that Boosts Your Rankings

The majority of computer owners, tablet users, and smart cell phone owners search the internet for local goods and services, which is exactly what you have to offer them. However, they’re only going to find the huge corporations if your website isn’t properly designed.

An Orlando SEO expert can ensure that everything down to the smallest keyword is working to assist the overall website ranking for your company.

• Comprehensive & Customized SEO Strategies

At Online Marketing Gorilla, our link building, PPC, keyword optimization, website design, and press coverage is unparalleled. Our tactics will actively work to increase the site traffic your site receives, increasing potential revenue and search engine ranking.

The key is to use specifically tailored strategies that are designed specifically for your business – this will produce the best possible results in the long term.

• Delivery of First Page Results

Being one of the first businesses to be listed in a ranking list by a major search engine like Google is crucial because that first initial cluster of results is basically all that the user will look at. Who really looks past their first one or two clicks if they find generally what they are looking for?

This is why you want to be a part of the initial search results – if you aren’t being ranked here, then people aren’t finding you, which means you aren’t making money.

Online Marketing Gorilla specializes in reviews, backlinks, and citations, which are all key factors that highly contribute to the success of your search engine ranking.

On Being an SEO Expert

Having said all of the above, I think the concept of being an SEO expert is a bit overrated. I say this because what has worked traditionally or, let’s say, two years ago, may not work quite the same today. I believe that what makes someone an expert in our industry is the ability to quickly assimilate and learn new concepts and execute on those concepts.

The other thing that may persuade you to consider someone an expert is his or her track record in the industry.

A Personal Example

Recently I had a company approach me who mentioned that they are “completely over it” with their digital marketing consultants. They had a major problem. (To maintain the client’s privacy, I won’t reveal their name here. If you and I end up having a conversation, I am happy to reveal that on a confidential level.)

This company is quite large in the surf industry and makes most of its retail sales online. They came to me because they had created a webpage before the manufacturer had released a brand-new surf product. Quickly they ranked on the first page of the search engines for queries related to that product. The manufacturer contacted them and asked them to remove the page because they were not at the launch phase yet.

When they approached me, they were concerned because, although quite a bit of time had passed since they created and removed the page and the product had been released to the public, they were unable to rank for that particular search phrase again.

When I looked under the hood of their website, I discovered they had deleted the page that originally ranked for the search term. They never created 301 Redirects to their homepage or to any other page for that matter. When they created the new page, they used a different slug. (Slug is the end part of a permalink, also known as a URL, for a particular page of the website.)

I guessed this confused the crawler. The algorithm simply threw up its proverbial hands and said: “we don’t know what you want to do!”

I recommended they go back and create a 301 Redirect from the old page to the new page and make some significant tweaks to the SEO structure on the new page.

The result was that in a few weeks they began to reign for search. Today they are now on page one of Google. They have since come back and asked me to look at other things for them as well.

A Flag in the Wind

I believe what makes an expert in our industry is the ability to think on one’s feet. There are so many aspects of what could have been going on as to why they were not ranking for that particular search phrase.

One of my Digital Marketing coaches told me years ago that doing search engine optimization is a bit like playing poker with someone who has to show you their hand. The reason I say it that way is that Google tells us at any given moment which of the sites it prefers for a particular search term.

If we know where to look, we can reverse-engineer certain aspects of the Google algorithm, and this enables us to rank with the top ranking pages.

While no one knows the search algorithms and exactly how they work, as experts in the industry we can look at specific factors to determine what is most likely going on.

It’s a bit like hanging a flag in the wind to determine the direction of the wind. However, with search engine algorithms, it’s much more complex. We have the equivalent of over 500 flags hanging in the wind to determine what influences which areas and how sites are ranking at any given moment.

Here Today, Changed Tomorrow

The reality is that even if I become an expert at today’s algorithm if the search engines change their algorithms tomorrow, my knowledge is now obsolete.

While many factors remain somewhat consistent, the landscape is continually changing for digital marketers.

It is clear to me that what worked last week may not work this week.

I believe that the true mark of an expert in our industry is the ability to recognize that there are no experts. We are always learning. We have become expert learners at what is shifting and changing in our digital environment. However, the secret sauce is elusive. No one knows completely what the better formula is even if they are having success right now.

Over the years I have done a lot of testing myself. I have watched websites that I’ve created rise and fall with the changing of algorithms and I’ve had control sites to prove what has been moving and what is influencing websites.

I have run my own tests on creating websites and purposefully not added backlinks or I’ve isolated certain variables that have become a staple in our industry as an absolute ranking factor.

What I have discovered is that for as many rules as you can create based on the information that is mainstream in our industry, there are exceptions to those rules. The idea of IFTTT (If This Then That) is absolutely true as it pertains to the algorithms that govern the search engines.

SEO Expertise is About Always Learning

So what makes me an expert? I believe what makes me an expert is my commitment to learning. I have written a book on SEO for businesses and shared some of what I’ve learned that is making a difference today.

I recognize the futility in considering my knowledge base to be absolute or complete.

However, I have become quite astute in being able to make quick changes once I notice search engine volatility.

One major factor to always consider is your competition. I believe that in order to be successful online, you must allocate the resources, budget and time to make your website the best user experience possible.

While search engine optimization may get you to the top, in addition to other important factors, having great quality, unique content, and enhanced user experience will keep you there.

Give Us a Call Today!

In addition to providing leading Orlando SEO tactics, the Online Marketing Gorilla team prides itself in using efficient practices that we believe will better the industry overall. We are constantly developing and researching newer and better methods of optimization to more efficiently get your business to the forefront of the intended market.

Our experienced experts are happy to consult with you and build an individualized website plan to help your company succeed. Call us today!

Orlando SEO Agency Reviews:

SEO Services Consultants Results Comments from Orlando Clients

Looking for an Orlando SEO Expert? -See what others are saying – SEO Expert in Orlando Experience – Yelp Review: Results do not lie! I own and operate a local auto detailing business in the area. I reached out to Paul to see what I could do to bring more traffic to my business. Business was kind of slow, and we weren’t really seen on Google or other places. After he reviewed my website, and helped fix our ranking on Google, we’ve had a lot of customer inquiries, and more traffic was brought to the website! He’s my go to for this type of stuff, and it works way better than paying for ads that no one cares about. He really know’s what he’s doing, does a great job, and is very easy to talk to! Highly recommend his services!! -Alan C.

May 2017 Google Algorithm Change


Hey Guys,

Just want to publish my 2 cents on what’s going on in the SERP world here at the end of May.

I came across this article this morning by Barry Schwartz:

google may algorithm change 2017




Please visit the original article here

Feeling a bit nervous about the potential rank changes I quickly went to scan some of my rank changes from the last few days.

Latest Google Updates

Results for some of my local clients larger search volume rankings:

search engine agorithm updates

In this example, the search volume is around 1300 per month for local search. As you can see, the time of the suspected algorithm update is among the most stable rankings over the last 30 days. I have gotten used to huge swings, which I mostly attribute to Google’s Rank Modifying Spammers Patent and Reverse Engineering Circumvention of Spam Detection Algorithms. However, when I see stability followed by a noisy third party monitor, then it makes me question the data the third party is using to quantify the results.

With that said, I don’t believe that quality is an issue with providers like Moz and SEMrush only because data is helpful, it adds to the feel of what is going on out there.

google algorithm changes

In the example above, I see a similar trend of increased stability. Although it is a lower search volume, it is a competitive high-dollar niche, so I would expect to witness real changes here too.

latest google update

This is a global high dollar niche with 720 searches per month and again we see stability.

As far as I can tell, the algorithm updates must be more related to the tools that are tracking SERP volatility rather than an actual Google algo update.

I guess we can all sit back down now. The sky isn’t falling. LOL 🙂

Paul Clukey

Lake Nona Web Advertising: Making your Business Fly

Web Advertising Lake Nona, FL

web advertising lake nona, lake nona digital marketing
Lake Nona Web Advertising

As Central Florida Business owners most of us understand the need for advertising. Give your business the type of web advertising Lake Nona and the surrounding areas deserve by following the tips and techniques outlined in this article.

Lake Nona (Medical City) is certainly an up and coming area and warrants business owners to consider their advertising options carefully. What’s more is that business owners understand that advertising in general has to be in place in order to convert potential customers into buyers. However, in most of the discussions that I have with my clients there is a bit of an internal (fear based) conflict that arises. The conflict ensues out of the fear of utilizing marketing dollars the wrong way. In other words we all want to use our marketing dollars for productive campaigns that convert prospective buyers into actual buyers.

The BIGGEST BANG for our scrooge-like symptoms.

With so many options and phone calls that we receive on a daily basis regarding opportunities to advertise, solicit new business, and sponsor different sporting or school events in order to promote our local businesses, we need a bit of a compass to find our true north.

After all, wouldn’t it be nice to actually hang on to some of the perky profits that come to visit every so often?

My hope for you is that by the end of reading this article you will understand how to measure the opportunities that are presented to you in a real and succinct way. I also hope that you discover a guide to making these on-going decisions for your business.

Defining Core Values for Your Website Advertising Budget and Campaign

Business Core Values

I believe it is important to define your business core values early on so that you can use it as a measuring stick when it comes to your business activities. What do I mean by this? Let me give you a for instance and also give you little bit of insight into who I am as a person. My business coach recently asked me what my core values were. I didn’t really know how to answer the question so he walked through an exercise that I think might help you here. Take a sheet of paper and simply list who the people and heroes are in your life that you really admire. For me I admire Michael Jordan.  I believe that he is an all-star and then he’s worked hard to get where he is that.  Another individual that I admire is a mentor of mine named Peter.

The next up the process was to simply list out what I admired about these individuals. (On your sheet of paper go ahead and list out who they are and what qualities makes them admirable.)

web advertising lake nona fl, digital maketing lake nona

For me the things that I admire about these individuals were that they were:

  • self-starters,
  • prepared.
  • sovereign and untouchable

List continued on but what became very apparent to me was that I placed great deal of weight on individuals’ abilities to be self-reliant and prepared to deal with anything. A few days after this exercise I became aware of why I chose an 800 pound gorilla to be the face of my company. Nobody messes with the silverback and that was my deepest desire in creating my own company.  It is kind of funny though to look back over all of this and notice that obviously I may have some ego issues and had something to prove.. probably needs to be addressed by a professional, wink.

When I take a real hard look at my core strength in my company as it relates to these three areas, I come up with some undeniable evidence that the things that I am good at our search engine optimization and smart websites that produce leads. What I’m not that great at is creating the perfect website….going back and forth with clients on every little nook and cranny of their website. Quite frankly I often don’t have the patience for that.  So, if somebody asked me to create an advertisement for website building, I should steer clear.  It’s outside my core business strengths and puts me in a position directly opposed to my core values. I hope you follow.

You may be asking the question what does this have to do with my advertising website? Don’t worry I will tie together for you here.

If we are not careful we will slide right into the philosophical conflict when it comes to our advertising methodology. However, when you’re clear on what your dominant, driving Core principles and core values are you can prevent yourself from going to far off the path that is right for you. For instance if I received a phone call from a high school asking me if I wanted to place of banner for website development at their local track, based on the principles that I have listed hear the answers probably “no.”

Why is that? Well, since I put so much emphasis on being a self starter being prepared and being unique, I prob won’t find much value in placing a banner somewhere on the track at local high school. However, I would be interested in creating a Facebook advertising campaign that stands out and demonstrates my SEO creative ability to make a difference for my clients. This would create a unique quality for my advertising that would otherwise not be available to me.

Let’s take a real world example in to consideration here. Let’s suppose that you are the owner of a construction company. Your goal is to do remodels. Advertising in the local penny pencher is probably not the best option for you. Your goal is obviously to get a specific type of business, a specific type of client. You need to create your niche and industry around the demographics of the individuals you want to work with.

So how do you do that?

Once you have gotten clear on who you are in your marketplace, then you can begin to structure your advertising around that. For instance using the construction company as a continued example, if you are all about bathroom remodels, then, you should structure your website and your advertising to this niche alone.  Go after consumers who you know would like and even love these services (who have the  money to afford it).

The power of focus is significant and many people are worried that if they “Focus” too much on one area, they may lose out on another area. This can be a big problem. However, once you get it right and you know that you can be profitable on the outside within a specific Industry niche, you can place all of your eggs in that basket until you have exploited that niche to its fullest potential.

A friend of mine owns an IT company. He recently told me that he simply discovered a niche within the IT world that was under served. He has now made a multi-million dollar business out of that one niche. So start asking yourself the question what are you great at that is profitable? What’s a way to do it better than anyone else? What are you passionate about? As you line up these core values of your business, suddenly the fog of knowing where to spend your advertising dollars disappears.


I hope that you found this exercise useful and now feel comfortable on how to discover a way to know how to focus your ad budget with precision.

Track Your Off-Line Advertising and Online Website Advertising Success

The final thing that I would say about all of this is that you have to be able to track your progress. Make sure that you are using tracking phone numbers to monitor the progress of each advertising effort. For instance if you are marketing on Facebook use a tracking number for that particular advertising project. If you’re marketing on Google, use a tracking number to be able to distinguish whether your ads are working.

As a side note if you’re using Google ad words, they offer an option for you to use a tracking number that they provide automatically with the launch of your ad campaign.

If you do this simple step up front, it will further reduce the indecision that comes with knowing where to spend our business advertising dollars.

If you need help on finding tracking numbers, Feel free to call our office for some recommendations. 321 947 3078


Local SEO: Strategies that Work

SEO Strategies for Central Florida

SEO Checklist and Strategies that work

Many of my clients ask me exactly how I do search engine optimization. There’re so many variables these days especially dealing with the newest google rules and algorithms.

Here is my checklist that I recommend most of my clients.

  1. Make sure that you have supreme content. There’s really no way around having great content and updating your blog or website frequently. It gets kind of difficult to keep talking about the subject over and over again especially if it’s something relatively simple or straightforward like pressure washing. But, that does not mean that you shouldn’t spend a lot of time on your website making sure that you give Google a reason to come back and check your site out. Why is this important? It really is important because you have to guarantee that Google crawls your site frequently. Oftentimes if you do not add anything new to your site then Google will stop coming to it. Of course in this particular paragraph I’m talking a lot about Google but the same applies for Bing and Yahoo.
  2. Make sure that your website is also video rich. I am seeing more power generated from YouTube than I previously believed. There are ways that you can create YouTube videos that ranked almost instantly on the primary pages of the search engines. Let me make a small disclaimer. Google owns YouTube. So, if you rank a brand-new YouTube video specially if you assign a location to it, you have a better likelihood of getting that ranked first page Google. Not always but often it will definitely rank within the first couple of pages. I love this type of marketing because it creates almost a billboard affect when you look at a bunch of white space on the search engine results page. Your eyes naturally navigate to the spot where the video shows. I use this in local SCO all the time. It generates calls and books appointments for my clients.
  3. Citations: you need to make sure that you were up on all your citations. You need to take a look at your competitors and see what directories they are listed in. I highly recommend that you go after them in a way that you can beat them in the amount of directories that you were listed in.
  4. Link building networks: I wish there was a way around this piece. Unfortunately, I have not found one. The only way to really rank for highly competitive keywords is to sure that you’re off page optimization is done thoroughly. Usually this involves creating new sites that link to yours and building them in a way that gets them recognized by Google. This is probably the most complicated aspect of SEO. But, when you do it right it results in high page rankings. Keep in mind that if you do it wrong, you will actually create the exact opposite effect of what you were intending on doing. It is really this area that people hire SEO experts for. Most individuals do not have the time or capability to research and find the pro appropriate domains in order to create a network surrounding your website.
  5. Make sure that you Open all of the photos on your site and update the alt tags to the appropriate keyword that you were trying to get indexed for. This is a pretty simple and straightforward process. Some may are you that this doesn’t matter that much these days, however, I have found that it seems to. I highly recommend that you update your alt tag descriptions so that you can ensure that your website is thoroughly optimized for your search requirements. Remember that Google really can’t tell what the picture is about. It has to rely on the description or the name of the file. If you optimize your site for this, I believe that you can expect higher visibility on the search engines.

I got a run right now but I hope to post something soon where I can go into a little bit more depth on each of these subjects.

Online Marketing: What you need to know

online marketing orlando, online marketing st cloud, fl

Online Marketing |What’s all the Fuss?

Having a robust online presence is no longer simply an advantage in business. It is a necessity. However, it is often oversimplified. Gone are the days when a basic website or Facebook page is enough to grow a healthy brand in most industries. Great online marketing should be diversified. Combine them and cross promote for best results. What is online marketing? Simply put, it’s any tool, strategy, or method used to promote a brand online. Here are a few of the most important types.

Website development:

A website is the most basic and essential form of online presence. The average person’s first action when researching a product or service is to go online. Without a website, that business is simply lost. There are many cost effective ways to create a website via templates, or by paying a professional developer. Obviously the free websites come with their own drawbacks, but either option is effective if done well.

Social media:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, the list is extensive, but all can be effective if done well. Cross promote with special offers, giveaways, and promotions to make sure that your social media presence is linked to your real life presence. The greater the number of likes of followers, the healthier the brand.

Email marketing

: A great way to contact existing customers. Make sure to send them relevant information and lots of special offers in order to keep them subscribed.

Search engine marketing:

In moving a webpage up in visibility on search rankings, there are two major methods: PPC and SEO. In short, one is paid advertising and the other is more “organic.” First, a little about each.

Paid per click advertising goes by several names, including “paid search” or “search engine marketing. In short, it is the process of paying for advertising on sites and search engines. However, the advertiser is not charged until someone clicks on an ad.

Conversely, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of moving a page up in the search results without it appearing in the section for paid advertisements. The catch is that there’s no magic bullet for achieving this rank. When a searcher decides to click on these results there is no fee charged to that website. Delivering relevant content loaded with keywords is that best way to move up pages, but it does require some practice. Using these methods is key for optimizing all of your other online presences.

Search Engine Optimization – Lake Nona

SEO Lake Nona

Explode your Lake Nona Business with Google Search Traffic

Online Marketing Gorilla is the Lake Nona’s #1 local SEO agency. We proudly serve businesses within throughout Central Florida.

As a company, we are committed to excellence and providing the maximum value for your advertising dollars.

SEO companies have been known to try to keep the the world of SEO cryptic and hard to understand. We feel that one of our greatest assets is that we bring transparency to the market. We are open to share with you how we do things and how we adapt to algorithm changes that occur.

Website traffic is directly related to your position and ranking on the search engines (SERPS). Statistically speaking more traffic equals more leads, and more leads equals more business, which is crucial for medium sized companies.

What you can expect from us: The first step involves a free consultation in which we will take inventory of your website’s current ranking, the site structure and will evaluate what could be done to improve traffic and visibility of your website.

seo tracking services, search engine tracking services

Should you choose to work with us, we can provide you with:

  • Increased exposure and search engine visibility
  • More phone calls which convert into more business
  • More business will add more revenue and finally give you an opportunity to be a bit more selective regarding the business you take on
  • Monthly reporting
  • Done locally

Why work with us?

Our clients consider us the #1 Rated SEO Company in our area. We have demonstrated tremendous growth for our clients and can prove it through our call tracking system. We track calls on a unique caller basis and provide reports that will allow you to track conversion and effectiveness of the campaigns that we create.

We are a White Hat Agency – Digital Marketing Ethics

Higher Rankings = Higher Profits

With online marketing comes a risk that agencies may try to use tactics of which Google does not approve. You need to be selective on which firm you hire for your online strategy.

As a local Lake Nona Business, you know that:

  • Daily, people are looking for services typically using Google and other search engines for the things they need.
  • It is estimated that 94% of all clicks come from the first page of the search engines.
  • In order to leverage the power of the internet for your business you must get ranked effectively.

You need specialist on your side that knows how to get you ranked and can earn your trust.

But who should you choose? In general, the industry is made up of 2 categories of services: White Hat and Black Hat.  White hat is considered abiding by the guidelines that Google sets forth regarding internet marketing. Black hat is looking for loop holes and short cuts that can adversely affect your ranking and site’s longevity online. We are white hat and do all of the work locally in-house and refrain from engaging in tactics known as black hat that could get your site penalized.

More clicks equals more potential customers which equals more real clients and ultimately profits. Our team is generating business for small businesses all over Lake Nona and other areas in Central Florida every single day. We pride ourselves on what we do. While we may not be the cheapest, we are committed to excellence and achieving the maximum results for our clients.

We are Yext Certified for local search :

local seo lake nona yext certification

The Process of Search Engine Optimization

User experience and content marketing

Our team uses a very specific straightforward process in order to get you ranked. The first thing that we will look at is the quality of your site and the content on your site. We know how to manage the content in a way that makes it Google friendly. This process is often called on-page optimization.  With recent algorithm changes in Google, we feel that it is very important to effectively evaluate your site’s on-page health and ensure that you are providing a great online user experience for your potential customers.  If you are trying to do it yourself then I always recommend that you consider sites like Wikipedia as a guideline for how to create your online content.


search engine optimization for local ranking

Competitor Analysis

The next step is to look at your competitors and see what they’re doing. The beauty behind search engine optimization is that we can virtually always find out what your competitors are doing. The reason for this is simple. We can use state-of-the-art tools that show us all the data behind any website on line.

After that, we will look to see how many directories you are listed on. Online aggregators will collect data and when search engines see similar data across the web they recognized it as an authoritative website.

Backlinking done the right way

We will also look at off-page optimization and check out your back-linking strategy. Anyone can create backlinks, when done right they help your rankings. When done wrong they have the opposite effect.

search engine optimization lake nona, seo lake nona, semrush service for online marketing

How much will you Pay?

It is hard to say exactly how much you will pay for your online marketing. We really won’t be able to determine this until we understand how competitive your market is. However, I can assure you that we have many clients who pay us every single month because we have delivered results that translate into more dollars. Our goal is to deliver high-quality for the most affordable price out there. Our motto is that you should generate three times of business compared to what you’re spending with us.

Contact us today to find out exactly what we can deliver for you.

SEO St. Cloud, FL

search engine optimization st cloud

SEO | Local Search Engine Optimization Service in Saint Cloud, FL

Online Marketing Gorilla has a home office in Saint Cloud, FL:

4928 Eastlake Vista Dr., St. Cloud, FL 34771

We are your number one source for local SEO. We have years of experience and are part of private group of SEO experts all over the world, who know how to get the job done. -We are a YEXT certified partner and can help you get found online. We can control your local directory reputation and improve your organic results.

We stay ahead of our competition by studying the newest strategies to rank online.

I recently attended a seminar on Google Marketing.

Read below to find a summary of the seminar. You might find some things that help your business get found online.

City of Saint Cloud, FL Hosted Google Seminar

Local Business listings doesn’t have to be difficult. At least this is what the recent course offered for individuals who own small business in Osceola County. The City of St. Cloud recently offered businesses assistance by partnering with Google.

How did they accomplish it?

On August 12, 2015 Saint Cloud’s local government offered and provided a training for local businesses in order for them to find out how to get listed on Google. They hosted the course/seminar at

St. Cloud City Hall Building B on the 2nd Floor.

(Thank you St Cloud FL city administration for allowing me to participate.)

As a local Search Engine Marketing expert, I could not resist the urge to come out and find out what the city was offering. The set up was excellent and they offered a room with individual computers that people could use to go ahead and get things moving. The only downside was that it was a little too fast for people to actually set things up while they received the information.

The course was a series of videos that we watched which showed the group step by step instructions on how to login to Google/mybusiness and get listed, request your card and then verify your registration.

They also offered a year free to register a new domain, get hosting and get a website built for free through a drag and drop (interactive) website builder called startlogic. Apparently they have a partnership with Google.

After the first year, there are charges that will apply to maintain and host the website.

It appears that the interface is the same as Weebly. When I looked at the drag and drop platform, it looked super similar. I am sure there is some type of white label agreement in place.

As far as I could tell, the pricing started at $5.99 per month after the first year. They also offer upsells for things like email.

The tutorial video for Startlogic was pretty simple to follow along. Although the moderator was able to blast through the steps of creating a website, I believe that once the average person tries to put in all the info, they will find it can be pretty challenging. I was recently contacted by a construction company in Ocala, FL. They had recently tried to use a website builder in order to build their own website. They said that the website they were trying to build simply got too tedious. It took so much time and they had to fumble through the process. They called me and asked if I would take over for them. For me it is easy to put together a website because I do it every day. It is like anything else. If you do it all the time, you get good at it and can make things happen fast.

Overall though, the presentation was excellent.

Search Engine Results:

The Google team discussed the search query. They recommend that you make a list of all of the phrases or words that might be used in order to find a business like yours.

Organic search results are basically a scan of all of the indexed pages on google to find the most relevant search results. The algorithm that makes this all possible is google’s secret sauce.

The google rep also talked about seo.

She suggested that you implement the following

  • Content is key: write about your business and what you offer. Make sure to include the keywords that people would use to find your business
  • Google webmaster tools: you can get a good understanding of how Google sees your website.
  • She also cautioned that good seo can take a long time.
  • Email marketing: make sure that you are using this and including personalization in the emails. Make sure that you are CANN spam compliant
  • Use social media: use every social media outlet possible to list relevant information. For example if you are a massage therapist, you can publish the fact that you had a cancellation. This will increase interactivity with your website.
  • Offer incentives to encourage people to visit your website. Give people something of value for coming to your site. This doesn’t mean paying them, it just means that you offer some type of useful information that you give them for free in exchange for coming to your site.
  • Encourage happy customers to do reviews on your products and services.

Search Engine Marketing:

This employs Google Adwords and Google Adwords Express to publish an add that is available to be clicked on to be connected to your business.

Most don’t know that advertising on the page doesn’t cost money, it only costs money when someone clicks on it. The adword campaigns work on an auction system.

The ads that are listed are driven by keywords. The google rep said to make sure that your website is ready to lead your potential customer to take the next action.

She tells you to make sure that your phone number is readily seen and the customer has ease in connecting with you or interacting with you appropriately.

Mobile SEO:

Make sure the information is easily seen on mobile platforms including ipads, tablets, android, Apple Smart Phones. Make sure things are concise so that people don’t have to navigate to a bunch of different things to find the relevant information.

SEO Conversions:

You also want to make sure that people have an incentive to take action once they have landed on your site. When people take the desired action on your website, this called a conversion. The goal is to optimize your site so that people will take significant action or engage in the next logical step. You will need to make sure that you understand the mindset of your visitor and what action they are most likely going to take. For example if you are a carpet cleaning business, you will want to get people to either submit a request for quote or call you. If people are landing on the site and not taking action, then you need to look at whether people can easily and logically find the next step. It needs to be intuitive and user friendly for the best SEO.

Google Trends:

You can find out what the trends are regarding different keywords. You can simply google (google trends) This can be useful when you are planning out your keyword strategy.

Google Alerts:

It will send you an alert any time, someone publishes something on a specific term (like your name). You can do this for anything written about online. You can set up to 1,000 keywords for free.

Google Apps:

This is a cloud based system to back up your information online. Although I see the allure I’d recommend being careful about what you submit on cloud systems. I believe that the cloud companies can assimilate quite a bit of information and data on you. Amazon does this and that is why they can make recommendations to you based on your search history.

The concept is that all of documents and important information is automatically backed up. The upside is that it protects you against something catastrophic. If your computer is broken and deemed irreparable, it could be invaluable.

Google even offers special programs for non profit organizations.

Advertising on Google:

Keywords for SEO results. These are the words that are entered into the search query.

Impressions are how many times your ads show up online when people search for a specific keyword.

Adwords express only enable ads to run for people within a 15 to 40 mi. radius.

The benefits to using this platform is that it is really simple to use. It is good for people that don’t have time to manage their adword account. The main advantage to using a regular adword account is that you can create negative keywords. These are words that you would want to list that will never trigger an ad. For example if you are are a florist, you will only want to show for people that are searching for a place to “buy” flowers. If someone searches for something like how to water flowers, your ad won’t show if you include this in the negative keywords.

Here are some rules that are important to consider when writing ads. Make sure that your destination URL is not an email address. (I have to say that Google is pretty good at catching errors. They will simply send you a message letting you know that you have violated some of the ad regulations.)

Here is the Ad structure:

Headline: 25 characters

Description: 35 characters

Display Domain name: 35 characters

path domain can be up 1024 characters.

The path name cannot have a different root domain than the display domain name.

Image ads are also something that you can create through adwords. You can use their editing tool to create one. The tool is located directly in the adwords management console.

Website Analytics:

It is important to have access to see what people do once they land on your site. I don’t personally use Google Analytics because I feel weird about letting Google see everything that happens on my site. LOL But it is sufficient for most people. Call me paranoid. I use a Clicky. It is really helpful to see what happens when people are on the site. The key is you will want to know what is happening once someone is on your site.

It even offers hotspot tracking. Hotspots are where people leave their cursor on your site. The eye usually follows the cursor or vice versa. It is great to be able to see how long someone spends on your site too. This metric is called the “bounce” rate. If someone stays less than 30 seconds on your site, most likely your business website was not relevant to what the searcher was looking for or they got the info fast.

Overall, you always have to measure what is happening on your site. You can even test things with A/B testing as well. This is great because it allows you to continually improve your user interface and user experience as well as get a closer look at what people are really looking for.

AB testing can be pricey, but it is often worth it.