Local SEO: Strategies that Work

Local SEO: Strategies that Work

SEO Strategies for Central Florida

SEO Checklist and Strategies that work

Many of my clients ask me exactly how I do search engine optimization. There’re so many variables these days especially dealing with the newest google rules and algorithms.

Here is my checklist that I recommend most of my clients.

  1. Make sure that you have supreme content. There’s really no way around having great content and updating your blog or website frequently. It gets kind of difficult to keep talking about the subject over and over again especially if it’s something relatively simple or straightforward like pressure washing. But, that does not mean that you shouldn’t spend a lot of time on your website making sure that you give Google a reason to come back and check your site out. Why is this important? It really is important because you have to guarantee that Google crawls your site frequently. Oftentimes if you do not add anything new to your site then Google will stop coming to it. Of course in this particular paragraph I’m talking a lot about Google but the same applies for Bing and Yahoo.
  2. Make sure that your website is also video rich. I am seeing more power generated from YouTube than I previously believed. There are ways that you can create YouTube videos that ranked almost instantly on the primary pages of the search engines. Let me make a small disclaimer. Google owns YouTube. So, if you rank a brand-new YouTube video specially if you assign a location to it, you have a better likelihood of getting that ranked first page Google. Not always but often it will definitely rank within the first couple of pages. I love this type of marketing because it creates almost a billboard affect when you look at a bunch of white space on the search engine results page. Your eyes naturally navigate to the spot where the video shows. I use this in local SCO all the time. It generates calls and books appointments for my clients.
  3. Citations: you need to make sure that you were up on all your citations. You need to take a look at your competitors and see what directories they are listed in. I highly recommend that you go after them in a way that you can beat them in the amount of directories that you were listed in.
  4. Link building networks: I wish there was a way around this piece. Unfortunately, I have not found one. The only way to really rank for highly competitive keywords is to sure that you’re off page optimization is done thoroughly. Usually this involves creating new sites that link to yours and building them in a way that gets them recognized by Google. This is probably the most complicated aspect of SEO. But, when you do it right it results in high page rankings. Keep in mind that if you do it wrong, you will actually create the exact opposite effect of what you were intending on doing. It is really this area that people hire SEO experts for. Most individuals do not have the time or capability to research and find the pro appropriate domains in order to create a network surrounding your website.
  5. Make sure that you Open all of the photos on your site and update the alt tags to the appropriate keyword that you were trying to get indexed for. This is a pretty simple and straightforward process. Some may are you that this doesn’t matter that much these days, however, I have found that it seems to. I highly recommend that you update your alt tag descriptions so that you can ensure that your website is thoroughly optimized for your search requirements. Remember that Google really can’t tell what the picture is about. It has to rely on the description or the name of the file. If you optimize your site for this, I believe that you can expect higher visibility on the search engines.

I got a run right now but I hope to post something soon where I can go into a little bit more depth on each of these subjects.

Author by : Paul

After spending nearly a decade as Director of Sales & Marketing with a medical lab, Paul Clukey has assembled a team of highly trained SEO and Web Development Professionals to give you an edge on your competition. His track record of business development is spotless. He gives his client the edge they are looking for. If you need more business, you are in the right place.