Online Marketing: What you need to know

Online Marketing: What you need to know

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Online Marketing |What’s all the Fuss?

Having a robust online presence is no longer simply an advantage in business. It is a necessity. However, it is often oversimplified. Gone are the days when a basic website or Facebook page is enough to grow a healthy brand in most industries. Great online marketing should be diversified. Combine them and cross promote for best results. What is online marketing? Simply put, it’s any tool, strategy, or method used to promote a brand online. Here are a few of the most important types.

Website development:

A website is the most basic and essential form of online presence. The average person’s first action when researching a product or service is to go online. Without a website, that business is simply lost. There are many cost effective ways to create a website via templates, or by paying a professional developer. Obviously the free websites come with their own drawbacks, but either option is effective if done well.

Social media:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, the list is extensive, but all can be effective if done well. Cross promote with special offers, giveaways, and promotions to make sure that your social media presence is linked to your real life presence. The greater the number of likes of followers, the healthier the brand.

Email marketing

: A great way to contact existing customers. Make sure to send them relevant information and lots of special offers in order to keep them subscribed.

Search engine marketing:

In moving a webpage up in visibility on search rankings, there are two major methods: PPC and SEO. In short, one is paid advertising and the other is more “organic.” First, a little about each.

Paid per click advertising goes by several names, including “paid search” or “search engine marketing. In short, it is the process of paying for advertising on sites and search engines. However, the advertiser is not charged until someone clicks on an ad.

Conversely, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of moving a page up in the search results without it appearing in the section for paid advertisements. The catch is that there’s no magic bullet for achieving this rank. When a searcher decides to click on these results there is no fee charged to that website. Delivering relevant content loaded with keywords is that best way to move up pages, but it does require some practice. Using these methods is key for optimizing all of your other online presences.

Author by : Paul

After spending nearly a decade as Director of Sales & Marketing with a medical lab, Paul Clukey has assembled a team of highly trained SEO and Web Development Professionals to give you an edge on your competition. His track record of business development is spotless. He gives his client the edge they are looking for. If you need more business, you are in the right place.