Massage by M.E.

Massage by M.E. Studio is a massage therapy center located in Kissimmee, Florida that was established by licensed therapists Madeline and Emily. Between them, they share over two decades of experience, and have a versatile background in therapeutic and medical fields, which allow them to completely relax their clients and provide them pain relief and increased flexibility. Massage by M.E. Studio provides a variety of services to their clients including their signature therapeutic massage, manual lymphatic drainage treatment, hot lava shell massage, prenatal massage, traditional Thai massage, and Thai herbal poultice massage. They also boast many endorsed affiliates who trust in their services such as Warrior Fit Club, CrossFit OCD, CrossFit Panoply, Community Acupuncture of Orlando, and SportsRock. Members of Massage by M.E. Studio’s endorsed affiliates are eligible to receive exclusive benefits that truly balance their overall health and well being.

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