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I recently attended a seminar on Google Marketing.

Read below to find a summary of the seminar. You might find some things that help your business get found online.

City of Saint Cloud, FL Hosted Google Seminar

Local Business listings doesn’t have to be difficult. At least this is what the recent course offered for individuals who own small business in Osceola County. The City of St. Cloud recently offered businesses assistance by partnering with Google.

How did they accomplish it?

On August 12, 2015 Saint Cloud’s local government offered and provided a training for local businesses in order for them to find out how to get listed on Google. They hosted the course/seminar at

St. Cloud City Hall Building B on the 2nd Floor.

(Thank you St Cloud FL city administration for allowing me to participate.)

As a local Search Engine Marketing expert, I could not resist the urge to come out and find out what the city was offering. The set up was excellent and they offered a room with individual computers that people could use to go ahead and get things moving. The only downside was that it was a little too fast for people to actually set things up while they received the information.

The course was a series of videos that we watched which showed the group step by step instructions on how to login to Google/mybusiness and get listed, request your card and then verify your registration.

They also offered a year free to register a new domain, get hosting and get a website built for free through a drag and drop (interactive) website builder called startlogic. Apparently they have a partnership with Google.

After the first year, there are charges that will apply to maintain and host the website.

It appears that the interface is the same as Weebly. When I looked at the drag and drop platform, it looked super similar. I am sure there is some type of white label agreement in place.

As far as I could tell, the pricing started at $5.99 per month after the first year. They also offer upsells for things like email.

The tutorial video for Startlogic was pretty simple to follow along. Although the moderator was able to blast through the steps of creating a website, I believe that once the average person tries to put in all the info, they will find it can be pretty challenging. I was recently contacted by a construction company in Ocala, FL. They had recently tried to use a website builder in order to build their own website. They said that the website they were trying to build simply got too tedious. It took so much time and they had to fumble through the process. They called me and asked if I would take over for them. For me it is easy to put together a website because I do it every day. It is like anything else. If you do it all the time, you get good at it and can make things happen fast.

Overall though, the presentation was excellent.

Search Engine Results:

The Google team discussed the search query. They recommend that you make a list of all of the phrases or words that might be used in order to find a business like yours.

Organic search results are basically a scan of all of the indexed pages on google to find the most relevant search results. The algorithm that makes this all possible is google’s secret sauce.

The google rep also talked about seo.

She suggested that you implement the following

  • Content is key: write about your business and what you offer. Make sure to include the keywords that people would use to find your business
  • Google webmaster tools: you can get a good understanding of how Google sees your website.
  • She also cautioned that good seo can take a long time.
  • Email marketing: make sure that you are using this and including personalization in the emails. Make sure that you are CANN spam compliant
  • Use social media: use every social media outlet possible to list relevant information. For example if you are a massage therapist, you can publish the fact that you had a cancellation. This will increase interactivity with your website.
  • Offer incentives to encourage people to visit your website. Give people something of value for coming to your site. This doesn’t mean paying them, it just means that you offer some type of useful information that you give them for free in exchange for coming to your site.
  • Encourage happy customers to do reviews on your products and services.

Search Engine Marketing:

This employs Google Adwords and Google Adwords Express to publish an add that is available to be clicked on to be connected to your business.

Most don’t know that advertising on the page doesn’t cost money, it only costs money when someone clicks on it. The adword campaigns work on an auction system.

The ads that are listed are driven by keywords. The google rep said to make sure that your website is ready to lead your potential customer to take the next action.

She tells you to make sure that your phone number is readily seen and the customer has ease in connecting with you or interacting with you appropriately.

Mobile SEO:

Make sure the information is easily seen on mobile platforms including ipads, tablets, android, Apple Smart Phones. Make sure things are concise so that people don’t have to navigate to a bunch of different things to find the relevant information.

SEO Conversions:

You also want to make sure that people have an incentive to take action once they have landed on your site. When people take the desired action on your website, this called a conversion. The goal is to optimize your site so that people will take significant action or engage in the next logical step. You will need to make sure that you understand the mindset of your visitor and what action they are most likely going to take. For example if you are a carpet cleaning business, you will want to get people to either submit a request for quote or call you. If people are landing on the site and not taking action, then you need to look at whether people can easily and logically find the next step. It needs to be intuitive and user friendly for the best SEO.

Google Trends:

You can find out what the trends are regarding different keywords. You can simply google (google trends) This can be useful when you are planning out your keyword strategy.

Google Alerts:

It will send you an alert any time, someone publishes something on a specific term (like your name). You can do this for anything written about online. You can set up to 1,000 keywords for free.

Google Apps:

This is a cloud based system to back up your information online. Although I see the allure I’d recommend being careful about what you submit on cloud systems. I believe that the cloud companies can assimilate quite a bit of information and data on you. Amazon does this and that is why they can make recommendations to you based on your search history.

The concept is that all of documents and important information is automatically backed up. The upside is that it protects you against something catastrophic. If your computer is broken and deemed irreparable, it could be invaluable.

Google even offers special programs for non profit organizations.

Advertising on Google:

Keywords for SEO results. These are the words that are entered into the search query.

Impressions are how many times your ads show up online when people search for a specific keyword.

Adwords express only enable ads to run for people within a 15 to 40 mi. radius.

The benefits to using this platform is that it is really simple to use. It is good for people that don’t have time to manage their adword account. The main advantage to using a regular adword account is that you can create negative keywords. These are words that you would want to list that will never trigger an ad. For example if you are are a florist, you will only want to show for people that are searching for a place to “buy” flowers. If someone searches for something like how to water flowers, your ad won’t show if you include this in the negative keywords.

Here are some rules that are important to consider when writing ads. Make sure that your destination URL is not an email address. (I have to say that Google is pretty good at catching errors. They will simply send you a message letting you know that you have violated some of the ad regulations.)

Here is the Ad structure:

Headline: 25 characters

Description: 35 characters

Display Domain name: 35 characters

path domain can be up 1024 characters.

The path name cannot have a different root domain than the display domain name.

Image ads are also something that you can create through adwords. You can use their editing tool to create one. The tool is located directly in the adwords management console.

Website Analytics:

It is important to have access to see what people do once they land on your site. I don’t personally use Google Analytics because I feel weird about letting Google see everything that happens on my site. LOL But it is sufficient for most people. Call me paranoid. I use a Clicky. It is really helpful to see what happens when people are on the site. The key is you will want to know what is happening once someone is on your site.

It even offers hotspot tracking. Hotspots are where people leave their cursor on your site. The eye usually follows the cursor or vice versa. It is great to be able to see how long someone spends on your site too. This metric is called the “bounce” rate. If someone stays less than 30 seconds on your site, most likely your business website was not relevant to what the searcher was looking for or they got the info fast.

Overall, you always have to measure what is happening on your site. You can even test things with A/B testing as well. This is great because it allows you to continually improve your user interface and user experience as well as get a closer look at what people are really looking for.

AB testing can be pricey, but it is often worth it.

Author by : Paul

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