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Lake Nona Web Advertising

As Central Florida Business owners most of us understand the need for advertising. Give your business the type of web advertising Lake Nona and the surrounding areas deserve by following the tips and techniques outlined in this article.

Lake Nona (Medical City) is certainly an up and coming area and warrants business owners to consider their advertising options carefully. What’s more is that business owners understand that advertising in general has to be in place in order to convert potential customers into buyers. However, in most of the discussions that I have with my clients there is a bit of an internal (fear based) conflict that arises. The conflict ensues out of the fear of utilizing marketing dollars the wrong way. In other words we all want to use our marketing dollars for productive campaigns that convert prospective buyers into actual buyers.

The BIGGEST BANG for our scrooge-like symptoms.

With so many options and phone calls that we receive on a daily basis regarding opportunities to advertise, solicit new business, and sponsor different sporting or school events in order to promote our local businesses, we need a bit of a compass to find our true north.

After all, wouldn’t it be nice to actually hang on to some of the perky profits that come to visit every so often?

My hope for you is that by the end of reading this article you will understand how to measure the opportunities that are presented to you in a real and succinct way. I also hope that you discover a guide to making these on-going decisions for your business.

Defining Core Values for Your Website Advertising Budget and Campaign

Business Core Values

I believe it is important to define your business core values early on so that you can use it as a measuring stick when it comes to your business activities. What do I mean by this? Let me give you a for instance and also give you little bit of insight into who I am as a person. My business coach recently asked me what my core values were. I didn’t really know how to answer the question so he walked through an exercise that I think might help you here. Take a sheet of paper and simply list who the people and heroes are in your life that you really admire. For me I admire Michael Jordan.  I believe that he is an all-star and then he’s worked hard to get where he is that.  Another individual that I admire is a mentor of mine named Peter.

The next up the process was to simply list out what I admired about these individuals. (On your sheet of paper go ahead and list out who they are and what qualities makes them admirable.)

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For me the things that I admire about these individuals were that they were:

  • self-starters,
  • prepared.
  • sovereign and untouchable

List continued on but what became very apparent to me was that I placed great deal of weight on individuals’ abilities to be self-reliant and prepared to deal with anything. A few days after this exercise I became aware of why I chose an 800 pound gorilla to be the face of my company. Nobody messes with the silverback and that was my deepest desire in creating my own company.  It is kind of funny though to look back over all of this and notice that obviously I may have some ego issues and had something to prove.. probably needs to be addressed by a professional, wink.

When I take a real hard look at my core strength in my company as it relates to these three areas, I come up with some undeniable evidence that the things that I am good at our search engine optimization and smart websites that produce leads. What I’m not that great at is creating the perfect website….going back and forth with clients on every little nook and cranny of their website. Quite frankly I often don’t have the patience for that.  So, if somebody asked me to create an advertisement for website building, I should steer clear.  It’s outside my core business strengths and puts me in a position directly opposed to my core values. I hope you follow.

You may be asking the question what does this have to do with my advertising website? Don’t worry I will tie together for you here.

If we are not careful we will slide right into the philosophical conflict when it comes to our advertising methodology. However, when you’re clear on what your dominant, driving Core principles and core values are you can prevent yourself from going to far off the path that is right for you. For instance if I received a phone call from a high school asking me if I wanted to place of banner for website development at their local track, based on the principles that I have listed hear the answers probably “no.”

Why is that? Well, since I put so much emphasis on being a self starter being prepared and being unique, I prob won’t find much value in placing a banner somewhere on the track at local high school. However, I would be interested in creating a Facebook advertising campaign that stands out and demonstrates my SEO creative ability to make a difference for my clients. This would create a unique quality for my advertising that would otherwise not be available to me.

Let’s take a real world example in to consideration here. Let’s suppose that you are the owner of a construction company. Your goal is to do remodels. Advertising in the local penny pencher is probably not the best option for you. Your goal is obviously to get a specific type of business, a specific type of client. You need to create your niche and industry around the demographics of the individuals you want to work with.

So how do you do that?

Once you have gotten clear on who you are in your marketplace, then you can begin to structure your advertising around that. For instance using the construction company as a continued example, if you are all about bathroom remodels, then, you should structure your website and your advertising to this niche alone.  Go after consumers who you know would like and even love these services (who have the  money to afford it).

The power of focus is significant and many people are worried that if they “Focus” too much on one area, they may lose out on another area. This can be a big problem. However, once you get it right and you know that you can be profitable on the outside within a specific Industry niche, you can place all of your eggs in that basket until you have exploited that niche to its fullest potential.

A friend of mine owns an IT company. He recently told me that he simply discovered a niche within the IT world that was under served. He has now made a multi-million dollar business out of that one niche. So start asking yourself the question what are you great at that is profitable? What’s a way to do it better than anyone else? What are you passionate about? As you line up these core values of your business, suddenly the fog of knowing where to spend your advertising dollars disappears.


I hope that you found this exercise useful and now feel comfortable on how to discover a way to know how to focus your ad budget with precision.

Track Your Off-Line Advertising and Online Website Advertising Success

The final thing that I would say about all of this is that you have to be able to track your progress. Make sure that you are using tracking phone numbers to monitor the progress of each advertising effort. For instance if you are marketing on Facebook use a tracking number for that particular advertising project. If you’re marketing on Google, use a tracking number to be able to distinguish whether your ads are working.

As a side note if you’re using Google ad words, they offer an option for you to use a tracking number that they provide automatically with the launch of your ad campaign.

If you do this simple step up front, it will further reduce the indecision that comes with knowing where to spend our business advertising dollars.

If you need help on finding tracking numbers, Feel free to call our office for some recommendations. 321 947 3078