Website Development and Hosting

Website Development and Hosting

Website Development and Hosting

WordPress has become a juggernaut for open source web design. 60 million websites employ it, comprising 22% of the top 10 million websites (making it number one among its competition). While the possibilities for web design using it are endless, starting your own site on WordPress need not be overwhelming or complicated. Here are some insights on three basic areas of WordPress development: design, content, and media.

The layout of the page is comprised of several discrete elements. A WordPress theme is made up of a number of different files, and they all contain a seperate section of the page. The header allows for navigation and the index contains the content.

The sidebar, as its name suggests, contains the sidebar and the footer contains the footer and closes off the HTML. Easy right? Be careful. The tricky parts is that a change to either file will be reflected on the entire site. Change your footer and that change will be reflected sitewise, not just on a single page.

Now to elaborate, a post page is made up of four files typically: the header.php file for the header, the single.php file for the post content, the sidebar.php file for the sidebar and the footer.php file for the footer. You can have the same header.php, sidebar.php and footer.php files for the whole site. Consequently, a change here will be reflected sitewide. Many themes are already present to choose from.

Now for content. Freshness and uniqueness of content obviously goes a long way in a great site. Also keep in mind that it must maintain readers’ interest. Forcing them to scroll endlessly will turn away readers. Grids, available as plugins for download, can spruce up a page quite easily by breaking up information. Again, many pre-made themes do this task quite nicely. Also, utilizing white space is key as the eye is naturally drawn to it. Make sure that interesting, key points are accentuated by space.

Finally we have media content. One of the major strengths of WordPress is the ability to simply drag and drop files onto the Media Manager and it will integrate them automatically. However, sometimes the default attachment displace settings can become cumbersome or unwieldy for your purposes. Play with the available options to find the display setting that works best for your site. With some experimenting and practice, you can make a modest site appear professional in no time.

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