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Paul Clukey, SEO Expert, here. Actually if you are here it’s because what I did worked. LOL I hope this gives you a hundred pound smile.

So first off:

Thanks for stopping by my site.

Just to clarify some things….

I call it a jungle out there because I simply find that there is so much resident evil online.

Want to be dumbfounded?

Research search engine optimization, web development and eCommerce. You will get tons of concepts, and before you know it,

-you are knee deep in digital quick sand and have wasted 3 1/2 hours surfing the web with nothing to show for it. You will see things like Meta Tags, H1, H2, H3 and the like. Your head will start spinning and you are in the equivalent of a mosquito infested jungle Jumanji right at your computer terminal.

What’s worse is the opportunity cost of time you just lost that could have been spent on growing your bottom line. Am I lying?

That stinks, right?

One of the biggest problems is that you don’t know who you can trust. Everyone is marketing the latest trick to online success.

You’re asking for simple web development and you get quotes running from $0 to $6,397. I have seen it all, and unfortunately I have fallen prey to many scams myself. That’s why I am the SEO Expert simply because I have made more mistakes online than anyone I know. I have fought enough battles and wasted enough time and effort to save you some real money in this process.

It is really unfortunate that so many people get taken advantage of because they simply don’t know where to begin with all this.

Ok so what does this mean for you?

Let’s go back to elementary school recess to figure it out.

How do you keep from getting bullied on the playground?

—-Make sure that you are friends with a bigger kid than the bully. That’s why I named my company Online Marketing Gorilla. We are the big friend you need online if you know what I mean.

Oh yeah and a little confession too. Online Marketing Gorilla’s acronym is OMG! I smile every time I think about that. Truth is I just liked that.

So, enough about me. Let’s go back to you.

Get Ranked on Search Engines

Do you want to keep struggling to get noticed online?

Maybe you have gotten those annoying calls (or emails) from people that say that they will get you on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. I get tired of it myself ever since I started my own company I’ve gotten calls from people telling me that they will rank me on the first page of Google and other search engines. The worst one that I’ve ever gotten was probably one that told me that they have space available for sale on the first page of Google and I could buy that “real estate.”

They will make it confusing. They will scare you into never being found online and what’s worse, these advertisers sound legit.

It’s crazy because as an owner of an actual SEO firm, I thought that I would not get these types of calls. They would realize the nature of my business and understand that I’ve got their number before they even open their mouth.

But they did and they do call me.

Now.. when they call me I have fun with them. I ask him questions like who is your contact at Google? How did you get into the partnership program. These questions really throw them off. There is simply no answers. There’s no such thing as a Google partners (there are the Google, Yahoo and Bing Corporate entities and then there is the rest of the world). No one sells advertising space on the first page of Google for search engine organic results except Google.

Do you see, hear and feel what I am saying?

Service with a smile: We are a team of real people. We will stop at nothing to make sure that our customers are well serviced. It is important to understand that each customer that we deal with has a different market. Each niche/market requires a different approach. There are limited hard/fast rules to SEO and Web Development. I mean some things are universal like great content. More about that later.

Analysis: Before we get started one of the first things that will do with you is to analyze what you already have. We may find that your site has a highly reputable presence online. One of the ways that we do this is by using search engine optimization tools to diagnose whether or not Google sees your website as being authoritative. Just a note, we have actually told people that there isn’t much we can do for them. We aren’t in the business to create a problem just so we can make money.

We want to be seen as a valuable partner.

Free search tools like Moz/Compete dot com can give you an idea of how you rank.

Typically what we do is give you a screen cast/video of your website, your competitors and what you need to do in order to be able to out rank them.

Quick results: although we attempt to give you the fastest results available, we are also very clear that natural organic growth takes time. I always say that it’s basically like building a ship in a bottle. If you press too hard you can break the bottle. We want to take your website up the search rank as quickly as possible without jeopardizing it’s reputation.

The worst thing that can happen is somebody attempts to move your website to aggressively and you get penalized (sand-boxed or Google slapped). This simply means that you may be able to get your site on to the first page of Google for a little while and then suddenly you find yourself nowhere to be found.

This is what we attempt to help you avoid.

Now, I often talk about Google, but the rules also apply to the other search engines. It just seems that if you can slay the G-dragon, you can kill ’em all.

If you’re needing immediate sales and immediate traffic, one of the things that we suggest people do is to set a small budget aside for paid traffic. PPC traffic is also known as pay per click and you can read more about it on the pay per click page.

When we do an analysis on your site we’re also looking at your content. Content is absolutely king on line. We want to make sure that you simply do not copy other peoples content and then try to rank your website. This makes it almost impossible to rank. Duplicate content is one of the areas or Google Yahoo and Bing will penalize your website.

You need to make sure that you have quality, non-duplicated content on your website at all times. Think in terms of trying to be the authority on any subject matter. If I go out and I simply plagiarize everybody else, then, I’m not adding anything new or special. Imagine yourself as a reporter on your own industry and make your content authoritative and complete.

A lot of work:
Yes, it can be a lot of work. However, in today’s day and age when most people no longer pick up a business directories and yellow pages rather they simply Google it, you must make sure that you’re competitive online. You need to stay ahead of your competition.

If you are on this website right now then that means that I have done a good job at staying ahead of my own competition. That should tell you that we do what we say, and it works.

I hope your life is filled with rainbows and unicorns just for having been here.

Our Customers Love us

  • We had an antiquated site that no one seemed to know how to work. OMG was able to quickly build us a new one. It is extremely user-friendly and residents love their new site. The site is perfectly password protected for privacy for our owners. Thank you OMG for your help.
    Karen S.,
    Condominium Owner in charge of HOA Website
  • Our traffic has increased from 69 visitors to over 270 visitors in just a matter of a couple of months.  In fact, our keywords have improved by an average of 56 positions during our time with this company. I highly recommend their SEO as they have made a great difference to our business.
    Dr. S.,
  • A fellow board member and I sang your praises so much that the management company may be calling you to start the dialogue about doing similar work for other HOAs that may be looking for a web designer!  Great job.
    Ann B.,
    Board Member, ELP
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