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A message from our President:

First! Welcome! and thanks for checking out our About Us section. Second a little about me, Paul Clukey. My background is Sales & Marketing. Before I started Online Marketing Gorilla I was Director of Sales & Marketing for a medical laboratory.

I had been entrusted to build that company’s outside marketing reach for nearly a decade. It was during my tenure there that I discovered the power of online marketing.

I became intrigued with internet marketing and because the laboratory was very traditional and did not typically acquire customers by online marketing efforts, I was on my own to research the power of SEO and online marketing.

Once I was able to move my lab business to the first page of Google, I saw that there was a doorway for me to help tons of other companies reach their goals of gaining new business and use the power of the internet to further their cause.

In my estimation there is a huge hole in the market. There is a vast range of pricing for the same services and not much regulation. Drawing on my knowledge in medical marketing I have sought out to change that and bring an amazing service at an affordable price to our clients.  Our goal is transparency for our clients. You know what you pay for. It’s not an endless vacuum of technical jargon and unsubstantiated charges.  We encourage you to call us today.

Although our team works relatively independently, success can’t be had without a group effort, we have a master mind of individuals who have amazing qualities and have strengthened our reach in the market place.

While the rules of SEO are not set in stone and change often, our team is committed to remaining on top of its game.

Combined our small team speaks several languages and keeps up on all the latest trends in online marketing to bring a complete offering to the table.

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